Here’s to a joyful, purposeful and meaningful 2024!

Welcome to 2024!

How was your festive break? For some it may have been busy with family and friends and for others possibly a quiet time for rest and reflection. Did you get embroiled in all the commercial frenzy, plastic laden gifts, supermarket warfare and noise from social media around Christmas?

Or did you embrace the true spirit of Christmas by sharing love, joy and goodwill around you?

As for me, I tried my best to have a minimalistic and sustainable festive time with my friends and family, sharing nourishing warm food, home-made gifts and cards made with love and care as well as making precious memories with my children and grandchildren by being present with them rather than showering them with unnecessary gifts.

 And now it is time to let go of 2023 and reset for the forthcoming year of 2024.

How do we best do this, so that our new year is filled with inspired action, compassion, love and boundless energy?

Many of us try to do that by setting new year resolutions and goals at the start of a new year.

What are yours?

At AUM Wellbeing, the New Year resolutions are not just about the usual stuff like joining a gym, losing weight, finding a new job etc. We believe in another approach that helps to achieve all these things, as well as a sense of joy and purpose in one’s life and relationships.

Here are some ways you can make 2024 the best year for you so far.

  1. Start with a clean heart – The first step is to let go of all the emotional baggage of 2023 and not take it with you into 2024. Have you let go of old grudges, offered forgiveness and started 2024 with a clean heart?
  2. Recycle – It is important to let go of the emotional baggage as well as the physical clutter left from wrapping paper, cards, and plastic packaging from food and drinks during Christmas. Did you recycle and reuse all this in the right way? It is still not too late. Look up your local council website on how to recycle it appropriately and aim to keep this up for the coming year. This will help to reduce the burden on our planet from the colossal amounts of waste and keep your physical space at home clean and clear for inspired action.
  3. Gratitude – Did you give gratitude for all the good things in 2023? No matter how challenging last year may have been, there are always positives we can draw out and be thankful for. My team and I  wish to express our deep gratitude to everyone for their support and care extended to us during 2023 and for helping us create and deliver wellbeing to countless individuals and businesses.
  4. Setting purposeful and meaningful goals – What are your talents and skills? How can you use these this year to help others and make this world a better place? We all have unique attributes and talents that can enhance other people’s lives so find a way of sharing these and making a difference.
  5. Time in nature – Just because it is winter, does not mean we cannot be outside in nature.  I find the hazy, dewy light during winter and the bare trees and branches have a certain beauty and charm about them. Soak the daylight and the beauty of the winter landscape every day. It will lift your spirit and provide the zeal needed for the coming year.
  6. Read – It is easy to be drawn to the countless TV channels and pass the winter slouched on the couch in front of the TV. Instead, cozy up and read a book to stimulate the body and brain cells with a good self-help book or go on an adventure with a fiction book.

If you are finding it hard to do any of the above then feel free to get in touch so we can help you. Let us together, make this the best year so far, for as many people as possible.

About Hansa Pankhania

Hansa is a Speaker, Corporate Wellbeing Coach and Author of 10 published books for adults and children.

In her books, Stress To Success In 28 Days and Stress To Success Stories, she is passionate about sharing natural wellbeing techniques that are cost-free, and easy-to-implement but nourish your body, mind, and soul in powerful ways. 

Her Chakraji Children’s Relaxation Series passes natural wellbeing tips to primary age children using colourful illustrations. 

She has also published her memoir Best Of Three Worlds about being born in Kenya as a British subject of Indian origin and the fusion of three histories and cultures.

Her latest book – Best Of One World – 60 steps to a sustainable, meaningful and joyful life helps you save money and boost your wellbeing and that of our planet too.

All her books are available through Amazon and her websites.

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