Spreading emotional wellbeing to the world through
coaching, speaking and writing self help books!

Hansa Pankhania - Wellbeing Consultant and Author of Self- Help books for Adults and Children.


I am passionate about helping people manage their stress, with 30 years’ experience in stress management.
I have written a series of self-help books on stress prevention for adults and children.

My latest books:

Emotional wellbeing in 28 days

Stress To Success in 28 Days - A unique programme for total emotional wellbeing

Book presenting simple natural techniques that do not cost anything but boost your emotional wellbeing in powerful ways. The techniques can easily be integrated into a busy daily routine.

Enhancing childrens wellbeing

Chakraji Children’s Relaxation Series - Helping primary age children build resilience using natural techniques.

Chakraji, a magical best friend who passes on natural breathing and mindfulness techniques to aid children's wellbeing

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What else do I do?

I am CEO of AUM Wellbeing Consultancy, providing training and coaching for individuals and businesses in stress prevention, resilience building and emotional wellbeing.

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