Spreading wellbeing to the world through
coaching, speaking and writing books!

‘I believe that wellbeing is our greatest asset and essential to living
a life full of joy, meaning and service to people and the planet.’

My mission

To spread wellbeing to the world and help all to live a life full of joy, meaning and of service to people and the planet.

To do this by sharing small natural practices that will ignite wellbeing and happiness in your life. The tips I share, do not cost anything and do not take up a lot of time in your busy schedule.

How do I do this?

I am an Author, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. These are all means by which I share my expertise to make a difference to people’s lives.

What services do we provide to businesses?

As CEO of AUM Wellbeing Consultancy and an Expert in Manager and Corporate Wellbeing, I have delivered coaching and consultancy to over 300 companies over 25 years.

We provide training and coaching to both Individuals and Managers in Businesses in Stress Prevention, Resilience Building, and Wellbeing.

We can work on a one-to-one basis or run whole projects for a business, from conducting surveys to developing bespoke training and coaching programmes.

What are my published books?

6 paperback books on Stress Prevention and Wellbeing including a series of STRESS to SUCCESS books.

 My memoir BEST OF THREE WOLRDS where I talk about the principles and practices that have helped me to deal with the stressful times in my life and sustain wellbeing and purpose. The practices I share are from Kenya, India and England, three countries from which my ancestors originate.

My latest series of CHAKRAJI Children’s booksCHAKRAJI AND CALM CALLUM, CHAKRAJI AND RELAXED RAVINA, CHAKRAJI AND PEACEFUL PETER, uses imaginative illustrated story telling, helping children to manage stress using natural interventions.

At present I am working on my next book- BEST OF ONE WORLD- 50 STEPS TO LIVING A SUSTAINABLE LIFE

I also write articles for media, magazines and professional bodies and regular blogs on topics of wellbeing.

 All my books are available on Amazon as well.

What else do I do?

I have sung in a Bollywood band for 30 years. Each day starts with yoga and meditation practice and I love cooking healthy plant-based food and spending time in nature.

All the above has one purpose – to help people to live a life full of joy, meaning and service to people and the planet. My team and I are passionate about what we do and appreciate any opportunity to offer support.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your thoughts and supporting our interactive discussion on the Wellbeing. Everyone present at the occasion was not only in awe of your knowledge, but also greatly impressed by your presenting style. I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of Enfield Saheli Team who were captivated by your Talk. I’m extremely grateful to you. Thank you once again!

K. Pujara CEO 
Enfield Saheli

“Hansa is a highly accomplished professional woman whose gentle nature and wide experience would, I believe, be of great value to individuals and businesses.”

 Elizabeth Mpyisi

“Hansa exudes bubbly positivity. She is genuine and kind. She enjoys her work and works harder than most people with an indefatigable energy. Hansa wants to do more than help people and goes beyond most people who work in this area.”

Carla Halford
Naturopath and Nutritionist

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