Coping with money stress

Loss of money is a reality for many of us, especially during the current cost of living crisis.

How do you budget? How can you be thriftier? Can you reduce your outgoings?

You can feel like you are on the edge of despair, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are some simple (and cost free!) actions you can take to help ease your stress and successfully deal with your financial difficulties. 

Talk it through

If possible, try to sit down with your family or friends and have conversations on how best to save money. Make sure the conversations are proactive, instead of just concentrating on your worries. If circumstances permit it, ask your manager at work for guidance and support. 

If you are self-employed, discuss with family and friends where you can cut down outgoings, diversify or even work with other businesses. Be creative in how you use your resources. Don’t forget to look online for information about benefits and subsidies you may be entitled to.

Build a support system

Most of the time when we are with friends and family, we talk about trivial things. It’s rare that we talk about deeper feelings and important issues such as money. What stops us from doing so? Is it the fear of being judged as inadequate and irresponsible or is it simply that we have not created a culture where it feels safe to do so?

If you are building a support system, who is the first person from your group that you would share your money worries with? Who are the people that you have trust in and can talk to confidentially?

What is the worst thing that will happen if you share with someone that you are struggling financially? Is it:

They will not help you? 

You will get shouted at? 

You will be criticised for not handling your finances more effectively?


Make a list of your financial fears and then reflect on them. How many of your fears are unfounded? Put yourself in the position of the people you are talking to and imagine how they may respond.

Do this for each person in your support network. Hopefully, this will give you the confidence to explore your worries with one or two of them. They may not have the money to help you overcome your issues but may signpost you or connect you with others who may help.

In the worst-case scenario approach a debt counsellor or advice bureau where you can get help from trained professionals in the field. Hopefully, the support avenues will open up and you will be able to overcome your financial problem and reduce your stress.

Maintain your wellbeing routine

All the while you are experiencing these financial difficulties and stress, make sure you try to maintain the regular wellbeing routines of your life. Stay active by continuing to go to the gym, go for walks or play sports. Eat healthy, relax in the evenings, go to bed at a reasonable time etc. Sticking to these normal routines is essential in helping you to think clearly and remain calm when trying to overcome money stress.

There’s no magical cure for monetary stress, but by following the advice in this article, you can give yourself the best possible chance of getting through tough financial situations successfully. 

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