Coping with money stress

Loss of money is a reality for many of us, especially during the current cost of living crisis.

How do you budget? How can you be thriftier? Can you reduce your outgoings?
There are some simple (and cost free!) actions you can take to help ease your stress and successfully deal with your financial difficulties.

Here’s to a joyful, purposeful and meaningful 2024!

At AUM Wellbeing, the New Year resolutions are not just about the usual stuff like joining a gym, losing weight, finding a new job etc. We believe in another approach that helps to achieve all these things, as well as a sense of joy and purpose in one’s life and relationships.

Christmas wellbeing

Compassion and Love at Christmas

Christmas is often an annual highlight. But it’s not always easy to let go of the stresses that impact our daily lives, so we can enjoy the festive break.  That’s where we can help

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Ignite your Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual wellbeing is the way that you understand and make sense of what happens to you. It is what your mind goes through when it needs relief or comfort.

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Accelerate your Social Wellbeing

This month’s blog is about how you can accelerate your well-being with these social gatherings and at the same time, increase biodiversity and reduce your carbon footprint.