Stress to Success in 28 days – Author Q & A

During the launch of Stress to Success in 28 Days, Hansa Pankhania took part in a Q and Q session with AUM wellbeing consultant Kristina Rosenqvist, here is a transcript of that session:

Stress to Success in 28 days – A true story

Prior to the publishing of my new book Stress to Success in 28 Days, I asked a few of my contacts to trial the techniques I present in the book. Here is the story of one of them.

A Life in Words that will bring happiness and health

AUM Consultancy owner Hansa Pankhania’s latest book BEST OF THREE WORLDS is a memoir of her life.

It has a powerful message that puts diversity into context with the present Brexit Dilemma. It is a passionate soulful account of life as a British citizen and three generations under British colonial rule, an enchanting recollection of a childhood in Africa and an adult life in Britain overlaid throughout with Indian spiritual and cultural influences…