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Ignite your Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual wellbeing is the way that you understand and make sense of what happens to you. It is what your mind goes through when it needs relief or comfort. Spirituality is a way of finding meaning in your everyday actions or activities that gives you direction in life.

For many people, how life began on the planet has spiritual connotations. Therefore loving, caring and preserving life in itself becomes a spiritual pursuit, and a way of living sustainability.

There are many ways you can protect the planet whilst travelling forward on this path to spiritual enlightenment.

Show gratitude

Focus on the good things you have in your life and be grateful for them. Remember that there will be many people in the world who do not have what you have. By the same token, do not be jealous about the things you do not have.

Living a non-materialistic and minimalist lifestyle gets you out of the rat race, as well as helping you keep your focus on an eco-friendly path.

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Show unconditional love to all living beings

Conditional love can lead to hurt and suffering. By removing the expectation of the love being reciprocated, you can remove this potential hurt that hinders your health. 

Don’t bear grudges. Doing so will negatively impact your peace of mind. Forgiveness can sometimes be difficult, but it will benefit you in the long run. For example, it can be hard to find forgiveness for climate change activists who disrupt people’s routines or others who may not have the same passion for a sustainable lifestyle. Try and let go of judgement, otherwise, it will disrupt your own way forward.

Be positive

Having a positive attitude will help reduce your stress levels. Hence, no matter how negative a situation may appear, try to put a positive slant on it. The past and the future are out of your control. However, you can take control of what is happening in the present from a positive frame of mind. The choices you make today can bring you happiness from this perspective. Stop worrying about climate catastrophes, instead turn this energy into constructive action to make your life, and all life on the planet, better.

Regular time for reflection

You may think that your day does not give you any opportunities for downtime, but even a short break from your schedule can have fantastic wellbeing benefits.

Downtime should be embraced, especially when you are experiencing extremely busy days. Try to take at least a few minutes to relax and contemplate. Try to focus on the positive elements of your day and your life. Even thinking about seemingly small positives can have a big impact on your wellbeing. If it helps, write down these positives. That will allow you to remember them and refocus on them when you have subsequent downtimes.

It is important to acknowledge and give yourself recognition for the small successes you have achieved in reducing your carbon footprint. Without time out for reflection, these can easily be overlooked, causing frustration which would be detrimental to your wellbeing.

Spiritual wellbeing

Meditate regularly

You will wonder how meditation relates to sustainability. Firstly, imagine a coiled-up ball deep within your psyche that is full of love, compassion and creativity. When you meditate, you are helping to unravel this, which releases the intrinsic love and compassion for other living beings within you. As your love for people, animals, insects, plants and all living beings on the planet increases, you will gain the motivation to protect their welfare.   To engage in activities for the welfare of others, you need energy and drive which meditation will help to develop.


Giving gratitude, spreading love and care unconditionally, and giving yourself time out for reflection, will bring you a day filled with positivity. This will add meaning and purpose to your life, helping you achieve a high level of spiritual wellbeing.

In terms of the environment, spiritual wellbeing could mean small things like taking the time to sit outside, or ensuring you are making sustainable choices. Regardless of your individual situation, your natural environment provides you with numerous options for reflection and mindfulness. Making the commitment to live a more sustainable life can help to maintain ecosystems, as well as connect you with your intrinsic creative flow. 

Hansa Pankhania is an Author of Self-help books for adults and children available on Amazon and through her website.  

She is a Speaker and Founder of AUM WELLBEING CONSULTANCY which offers personal and corporate wellbeing solutions. 

In her books, STRESS TO SUCCESS IN 28 DAYS and STRESS TO SUCCESS STORIES, she is passionate about sharing natural wellbeing techniques which are cost free, easy-to-implement but nourish your body, mind, and soul in powerful ways. 

 Her CHAKRAJI CHILDRENS RELAXATION SERIES OF BOOKS passes natural wellbeing tips to primary age children using colourful illustrations. 

She has also published her memoir BEST OF THREE WORLDS about being born in Kenya as a British subject of Indian origin and the fusion of three histories and cultures. She is currently writing a sequel, BEST OF ONE WORLD – my 50 Steps to a Sustainable, Meaningful and Joyful Life, which will be published in October 2023. 

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