Stress to Success Stories


11 powerful stories covering professional and personal challenges with solutions that will ignite positive changes in your life

Using her gift of jargon-free storytelling, Hansa discusses the themes of communication skills, team building, bullying, time management, mindfulness, mediation, corporate wellbeing, change management, stress management, accelerating resilience and anger management.

The stories propel you to pursue your excellence and that of your business.

The book has been validated by businesses and experts in the field of stress prevention and wellbeing. ‘’This is another comprehensive and easily accessible book by Hansa that covers a broad range of topics. She brings them to life and uses them to help us cope better with adversity.” Professor Derek Mowbray – Author and Consultant on Corporate Wellbeing

‘’There are clear valuable benefits to the methods set out in the book and I highly recommend ‘Stress to Success Stories’ as a great resource to building positive changes and helping to take a different perspective on everyday challenges.’’ Sue Yates – former Vice President, Solihull Chamber of Commerce

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