STRESS TO SUCCESS STORIES – inspiring individuals and businesses to excel


11 powerful stories covering professional and personal challenges with solutions that will ignite positive changes in your life.

This book stands out because it is not full of dry facts on stress prevention and wellbeing. This collection of workplace short stories is written from experience and inspired by true life events. The stories are drawn from Hansa’s day-to-day work and contain powerful messages and coping strategies for issues such as:

Communication skills, team building, bullying, time management, mindfulness, mediation, corporate wellbeing, change management, stress management, accelerating resilience, and anger management.

The stories will inspire and empower you to:

  • Overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Convince you and your organisation to prioritise wellbeing.
  • Pursue your excellence and that of your business.

‘Hansa skilfully integrates simple and effective techniques for managing stress with the power of storytelling. Using a case-study style, this book shows how to deal with stressful challenges, whether in the workplace or in other areas of our lives. A very helpful book.’ 

S Rowell